IBM advantage for energy & utility industry


According to Gartner, the traditional energy & utility (E&U) business model is being challenged by the many market imperatives. There is a gap between what IT is delivering and the demands in the marketplace.  CIOs in the E&U industry can begin closing the gap between IT potential and organization performance by focusing in three key areas: (1) Digital Customer Engagement, (2) Digital Workforce Enablement, and (3) Energy Provisioning Transformation.

Gartner view

Source Gartner 2015 CIO Symposium For more info on the Gartner Symposium

However, it is key to understand the strategic partner that can deliver on the vision set forth by savvy Energy and Utilities CIOs to propel their organization to “best in class” organizations.  IBM offers a Hybrid Cloud portfolio that makes it that strategic partner of choice to the benefit to Energy & Utilities customers.  See this link, Energy & Utilities and IBM Hybrid Cloud  to understand the many advantages that IBM can deliver.


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