Migrating Your Java Applications to the Cloud

As I wrote in my last post, leading organizations are using hybrid cloud to not only lower costs but to expand into new markets. Although many organizations have moved to SaaS solutions such as Saleforce as part of their portfolio of enterprise applications, there are also opportunities for organizations to use the cloud to run their Java applications.

From a cost perspective, there is a compelling case to be made for moving Java workloads to the cloud. Freed from maintaining and managing the underlying platform infrastructure – hardware, OS, network, etc. – and gaining the fault tolerance and basic administration (patching, backup, etc.) there are significant savings to be had. Beyond these cost saving implications, the real benefits of cloud can now be had by more easily tying in next generation capabilities around mobile/IoT and cognitive computing to these cloud-hosted Java applications.

The immediate challenge most organizations face will be to understand how to get there. How do you take your on-premise Java applications and move them to the cloud? Is this going to be a ‘lift and shift’ activity – and if so, what changes will you need to make (if any) – or should you consider platforms that allow you to rapidly create ‘born on the cloud’ solutions? What are the security and latency considerations, and what changes should you make to ensure your applications are more cloud-friendly and consumable? What are the connectivity considerations, and what are your options?

Well, we’ve got those answers and much, much, more. On Wednesday, March 2 the IBM Hybrid Cloud Migration Team is holding a hands on workshop in New York City that you can attend at no charge, and the team is working hard at lining up additional dates in other cities around the world.

Here are the details for the New York City hands on workshop:

What:   Cloud Migration Workshop
Where: IBM Technical Exploration Center28 East 28th St, New York, NY 10016
8th Floor – Enter By CBS
When:  March 2, 2016, check in at 8:30A.M.
Cost:     Free!

Just contact your local IBM Hybrid Cloud representative, or send an e-mail to wascmt@us.ibm.com, to attend.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what application server platform you are using – WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, etc. – the IBM Hybrid Cloud Migration Team is willing to spend the time and effort to help you develop the skills you need to take advantage of cloud solutions, which is an investment that most other companies are just not willing to make.

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