At mobile crossroads: DIY or a mobile platform?

Some time ago I published a blog on about a decision process for choosing a mobile platform. I see this topic comes quite frequently in my conversations with the customers.
In the last two years many companies have been adopting a mobile first strategy for interacting with their customers, partners and employees. Some of them start with a small group of developers hacking their first mobile app using a very broad set of free tools, in-house solutions, etc. Others have a formal approach. But all of them sooner or later have to decide if they need to invest into a mobile platform.
Depending on with whom you speak, a response will vary broadly: developers’ perspective is geared toward “no platform”, while infrastructure and IT security teams are in favor of a proven platform. There are pros and cons for each approach, but a company needs to understand which approach provides better business benefits.
MFPvsDIY_1In my earlier blog Doing the math: Mobile application development platforms versus DIY mobile app development I’ve provided a more comprehensive view on why I consider a mobile platform (on-premise, cloud, etc.) as a way to go for most of the companies. There are several reasons for that. One of them is the nature of the mobile market: it’s very dynamic with a fast pace of innovations. It requires a significant effort to keep up with a constant flow of changes in the mobile operating systems and devices. Second reason is that development of the mobile capabilities, like push, for several popular platform takes time, money and expertise. Finally, mobile security needs a special attention due to the nature of mobile communications, physical device security, etc. Mistakes in this area could cost companies their reputation.

Read Doing the math: Mobile application development platforms versus DIY mobile app development to have a better understanding of the trade-offs.


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