Migrating Java EE resources just got a little bit easier

migration toolAuthor: David VandePol (IBM)

Moving Java EE resource configurations from server to server has always been a time consuming and manual process. IBM has suggested scripting as a best practice, however creating the scripts on existing environment usually isn’t on the top of our lists, and can be very tedious on top of that.

When migrating from another application server, such as WebLogic, or JBoss, resource migration is a step on the path to success. We also have to do this when upgrading WAS or replicating an existing WebSphere environment. Lastly, if we were moving an application to WebSphere Liberty this tool can create the server.xml file too!

The Worldwide Competitive Migration Team has developed a tool that does all of this automatically. You simply input the configuration files into the tool and it will extract as much information that it can find, and create a Jython script to create the environment on WebSphere. This tool can also generate a server.xml for WebSphere Liberty profile.

Does this seem too good to be true? Granted the tool won’t create a mirror image of your environment as the WebSphere Migration Wizard would, however often customers are more interested in consolidating their environments and then running scripts to generate the Java EE resources. This will automate your Java EE resource creation and give you a starting point for scripting your entire environment. Generally you will get a 75% head start and save 100% of the headache of having to look up the correct syntax for each and every resource.

Did I mention Liberty? This tool generates all these resources for Liberty too! So if you want try moving an existing application to Liberty, you can just input your current environment and voila, you have a liberty server.xml that has all your resources generated.

Start conserving resources while migrating resources today:

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  1. Very timely article. I was just asked this by customers considering moving to Liberty. Thanks,



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