New version of Liberty brings new cool features

Last week IBM released a new version of WAS Liberty v8.5.5.7 which has some very powerful features – some of these were in beta for several months, but now graduated to the general availability. I am happy to say that three of these features set Liberty apart from other competitive products. In light of this new Liberty release, I have updated the programming model post. I highly recommend that you read more about these capabilities in this blog post on and also find direct links to the docs for every new feature in this update:

  • WebRTC (competitive differentiator)
  • SIP Tools
  • SAML 2.0
  • APIs to create SPNEGO token
  • Health Management (competitive differentiator)
  • Maintenance mode for servers
  • Elasticity (competitive differentiator)

In another exciting news – IBM has acquired StrongLoop with the intent to accelerate the use of JavaScript and Node.js in the enterprise as a part of the server backend. I suggest that you read Jerry Cuomo’s blog post. Sounds like it is about time for me to try Node.js. Gotta go find a useful project (I hate writing throw away code).

You might ask – why the USA flag as the featured image of this post? Well, it is September…


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