New online WebSphere Migration Discovery Tool

Author: Don Vines (IBM)

Four years ago IBM funded a team with the mission to resolve the concerns of customers that are considering the migration of their Java EE applications from competitor’s applications servers to WebSphere. During that time IBM consultants have helped numerous customers benefit from the WebSphere platform. In all cases, the migrated application provided the same business function with equal or greater performance and scalability. In many cases, the customer reduced their IT costs.

This IBM team of migration experts provides no-cost migration services to customers throughout the world. These comprehensive no-cost migration services include ballpark estimates, migration assessments, POCs, and enablement training. IBM has captured historical data on literally hundreds of migrations during that time frame.

Today, IBM is launching a web based tool that can be used to anonymously get a ballpark estimate for your migrations to the WebSphere platform; including WebSphere Application Server (WAS), WAS Liberty profile, and WAS Liberty profile on BlueMix. Completing an Online Migration Estimate is simple, free, completely anonymous, and carries virtually no obligation.

The tool takes you through a small number of questions on your applications, installations, and functional and non-functional testing practices. It then runs that data through our historical data on how long it takes to migrate those kinds of applications and produces a ballpark estimate for your migration.

This ballpark estimate is the first step in the IBM migration methodology. The estimate is based on experience and IBM historical data. It provides initial insights into the size and scope of the migration. The margin of error for this estimate is within a rough order of magnitude. It is ideal for budget assumptions and planning. A no cost “migration assessment” to confirm actual work effort and costs can also be provided by IBM migration experts if you so desire.

Here are a few tips to guide you through the migration estimation process:

  • Complete the Online Migration Questionnaire that most closely matches your current applications, infrastructure and testing practices; at least those that you are wanting to move to the WebSphere platform.
  • Make sure that you understand the question and the terminology that is used before you answer the questions. In most cases, the question use industry standard terms that Java EE architects and developers will understand;
  • Answer all of the questions as accurately as you can based on your current application inventory. In most cases the architect that is familiar with those applications can answer them in a matter of minutes.
  • If you think the estimate is too low or too high then, try the migration assessment again and make sure that you are classifying your applications and infrastructure correctly. If you are in doubt then drill down on the question to understand the complexity measures.

The online migration assessment entitles you to a free consultation with an IBM experienced migration consultant. Note that your online assessment is completely anonymous so you are under no obligation to contact IBM for this free consultation. If you want to contact IBM for a free consultation then send an email to Remember to mention your preferred contact number and a convenient time of day for your free consultation.

Click on this link to get your free and completely anonymous migration discovery estimate.

Example Usage

Fill out the questionnaire. There are only a total of four screens that you need to fill out to get an estimate. They are: general questions, application questions, installation questions, and testing questions. All of these questions can be answered in a matter of minutes. General questions are shown below. The application, installation, and testing questions can be answered just about as easily.


Summary of information provided. After answering a few short questions, a summary of the information that you provided is presented to you. You can review these answers and return to the previous screens if you want to change any of your answers. An example of the summary screen is illustrated below.


Discovery Estimate. Once you are satisfied with your answers you will be presented with a discovery level estimate that gives you insights into the size and scope of the migration. The discovery level estimate is the first step in the IBM migration methodology. It is ideal for budgeting and planning purposes. An example discovery estimate is shown in the following figure.


Scope and Assumptions. After the discovery estimate, there are two additional screens: 1) Scope and Assumptions, and Timeline and Prerequisites. The following diagram shows the assumptions. Notice that the estimate is based on a collaborative approach and includes the customer’s as well as IBM’s effort hours.


Overall Migration Methodology. The final screen illustrates the IBM migration methodology and provides links that will help you successfully migrate your applications to the WebSphere platform. The following diagram shows the process. IBM’s no cost services are the first three boxes in the process. Contact an IBM Migration Specialist for additional details on these no cost services.


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