Updated JCAPS Migration Tool increases asset reuse

Eric Berg has written previously about the business value of replacing Java CAPS with IBM Integration Bus and about the tried and trusted process that IBM uses to reduce cost and risk of migrations, so I will only focus on the newly updated IBM Migration Tool for JCAPS in this post.

I’ve recently updated the Migration Tool to support IBM Integration Bus versions 9.0 and 10.0 and added some additional functionality to the OTD/ETD to DFDL converter. More and more IBM Integration Bus customers are now modelling their data formats using the industry standard DFDL instead of the legacy MRM and some enhancements to the migration tool were required to handle some of the more complex text and binary data formats that were being migrated from JCAPS. Being able to use a tool to migrate these data formats to DFDL can save days and sometimes even weeks of redevelopment effort and helps to preserve the original investment that was made to create the data formats in JCAPS in the first place.

Other enhancements to the migration tool include a new User Interface with improved logging and debug capabilities and a new feature to extract information from Oracle Database OTDs and ETDs which helps make the transition to IIB easier for the developer.

JCAPSToolScreenshotWith these new features and enhancements, the migration tool can help JCAPS customers increase the amount of asset reuse and further reduce the time and risk involved with a migration to IBM Integration Bus. If you need help with migrating your JCAPS project to IIB, please contact us via email: whywebsphere@gmail.com.

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