WebSphere Liberty Profile server – up to 2 gallons of free as in beer (sorry, 2 GB)

IMG_2324My “prayers” were finally answered by the IBM pricing gods. Starting mid-March 2015 you will be able to get Liberty Profile for free production. There are some caveats, mainly you have to keep your sum total of the Java heap under 2 GB across all of your company instances. No, it is not enough for make Bank of America to run their business on free WAS Liberty, but that was never the goal. Small shops can handle a lot of transactions on a couple of 1 GB instances or four 512 MB instances. How about 500 transactions per second on a single Intel x86 core? That would be 1.8M transactions per hour. Not bad for a mom and pop shop, or a non profit, or a hobby project. No you wont get to call IBM support and open severity 1 issues or have an IBM specialist fly onsite to fix it for you, but hey, it is free! And you can run these instances on-prem, in the cloud or any mix of the above. The only condition is that sum total of all of your Java heap is under 2GB. If you need more, you can purchase licenses and add extra capacity with support and all.

Here are the free beer options for WebSphere Application Server (and Liberty profile):

  1. No charge development tools – WebSphere Developer Tools for Eclipse (since about 2007)
  2. No charge development runtime – WebSphere Application Server for Developers & Liberty Profile for the developer desktop/laptop (since about 2007)
  3. No charge production runtime – Liberty Core for ISVs for any number of instances or memory as I described in this article (since 2013)
  4. BlueMix allows a registered account to use free Liberty instance for test or production for up to 1 GB of RAM running for entire year (since 2014)
  5. New no charge test or production runtime – Liberty for up to 2 GB (since March 2015 – this is what I have described at the start of this post)
  6. New limited time 2-for-1 offer. For the next 6 months, take the number of WAS or Liberty licenses you own, and you can run up to that same number of WAS/Liberty licenses for free on IBM Softlayer.

Are you attending IBM InterConnect 2015 conference? Stop by to say “hi” at the IBM booth this week.

Gotta go join my friends for a run at the Red Rocks park.

Cheers! Na zdorovye!

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