Competitive sessions at the IBM InterConnect 2015 conference

Next week is the week of the IBM InterConnect Conference 2015. This is the first year when IBM combined three conferences – Pulse, Impact, and Innovate into single conference covering Mobile, Cloud, DevOps, Middleware and Security topics. We at IBM are all very excited about the event and worked hard to prepare high quality labs, demos, lectures and Q&A sessions.

Since you are reading this blog, you must be interested in competitive topics.To make it easier, I have compiled a list of competitive sessions that might be of interest to subscribers of this blog. When creating your agenda for the next week, please consider attending these sessions listed below. Truly yours is a co-speaker in three of these sessions.

Session: #2448: Open Source Plus: The benefits of an Open Technologies with Enterprise-Level capabilities

Abstract: Mobile, Cloud and Big Data are changing the way businesses and society run. Customers need better ways to expand their ecosystem and work with partners in
collaborative and innovative ways. Each of these major technology areas are fueled by open ecosystems and open technologies. IBM uniquely brings you the best of open, plus enterprise class value-add services to stay ahead. Learn how WebSphere leverages offerings that are built for the open ecosystem, give you the security to deploy with confidence, and deliver innovation that scales.
Speakers: Jagan Karuturi, IBM
Where: Mandalay Bay – Surf Ballroom F
When: Mon, 23 Feb 2:00PM-3:00 PM

Session: #5855: Building on your Open Source strategy, but need Enterprise-Grade strength?

Abstract: Are you debating whether you should implement an open source solution or a commercial solution? We’ve got the answer! Let’s get your feedback and help you see that you don’t have to choose; you can get both! We’ll discuss how IBM WebSphere offerings uniquely bring you the best of open source and open standards, plus enterprise-class, value-add services to stay ahead.
Speakers: Steve Mirman, IBM; Alan Chatt, IBM; Soloman Bargouthi, IBM; Roman Kharkovski, IBM; Andrew Humphreys, IBM
Where: Mandalay Bay – Surf Ballroom F
When: Mon, 23 Feb 12:15PM-1:15 PM

Session: #2527: Challenges from a bank migrating its JEE platform to IBM WebSphere Application Server

Abstract: Banco Votorantim is one of the largest banks in Brazil, with part of its systems supported by open source JEE platforms such as JBoss and Apache Tomcat. About two years ago, the IT department began a large-scale project to upgrade the bank’s hardware and software solutions. As part of this effort, Banco Votorantim migrated its JEE platform to Websphere Application Server, and is using the IBM Integration Bus to migrate all its Java applications to the new platform. This session will discuss the challenges encountered in migrating a complex JEE environment to a new platform, as well as key benefits and lessons learned.
Speakers: Stiverson Palma, Certsys; Tania Azevedo, Banco Votorantim
Where: Mandalay Bay – Reef Ballroom F
When: Mon, 23 Feb 5:00PM-6:00 PM

Session: #5630: Competitive comparison of WebSphere Application Server and Liberty Profile to Tomcat, JBoss and WebLogic

Abstract: This session will provide insight into the differences between WebSphere Application Server and Liberty Profile versus competitive offerings, such as Apache Tomcat, Red Hat JBoss and Oracle WebLogic. We will discuss both the technical (feature/function) as well as cost considerations (total cost of acquisition, total cost of ownership). We will position various members of the IBM WebSphere Application server family relative to each other, as well as comparing them with competitive offerings.
Speakers: Roman Kharkovski, IBM
Where: Mandalay Bay – Surf Ballroom A
When: Wed, 25 Feb 8:00AM-9:00 AM

Session: #2336: Is Open Source messaging the right solution for your company?

Abstract: Enterprises today are faced with the decision of determining the right messaging solution for their business. Open source Apache ActiveMQ provides basic messaging functionalities, and can be seen as a low cost entry point. However, when it comes to the need for scalability and performance, IBM MQ is the leading industry messaging solution for your business. Learn more from our experts to help you evaluate what the right messaging solution is for your company.
Speakers: Roman Kharkovski, IBM
Presentation: Download here
Where: Mandalay Bay – Reef Ballroom F
When: Tues, 24 Feb 12:30PM-1:30 PM

Hope to see you next week in Las Vegas!

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