2015 top technology trends from WebSphere CTO

triangleJerry Cuomo, IBM WebSphere CTO, has shared his prospective on the top trends for technology for 2015. Please read the full article for details on each of the trends below:

  • Cloud of Clouds
  • Cloud Integration
  • Portable Microservices
  • PaaS for Analytics
  • Context Computing
  • Mobilizing Business Processes
  • Digital Payments and Currencies
  • Security and Privacy as a Differentiator
  • Cognitive Computing Everywhere
  • Transforming Engagement

Personally I am most excited about the “Cognitive Computing” and the “Digital Payments and Currencies”. The other items have more or less been around for quite some time in one shape or the other, but these two are truly new and powerful. While Cloud, Mobile, PaaS, etc. do bring incremental improvements to IT, the Cognitive Computing and Digital Payments/Currencies have the potential to revolutionize IT – and most importantly many (if not every) other industries.

The potential for these is breathtaking. Looking at the  things that are being done with Watson and similar technologies is making me very excited:

  • Health diagnosis will be done with precision and reliability, instead of semi-random educated guesses (even if you are lucky to get a good doctor)
  • Or may be no doctor will be involved at all?
  • Performance tuning of complex software/hardware systems will be done automatically.
  • Smart investment decisions become available to the rest of us, not just those elite with insider knowledge.
  • Ahh, speaking of this – insider trading and other types of criminal activity will be automatically detected and reported.
  • And most important – in the longer term – new discoveries will be made automatically. Eventually, if this last thing becomes possible, then I guess “progress” will shift into a hyper gear and the “progress” will happen in minutes. Wait, robot overlords? hmm, may be lets go back to the old “SOA” tech talk and none of this freaky cognitive stuff, eh? (just kidding).

On the other hand Digital Payments is not just a replacement for AMEX or Visa credit cards, etc. And it is not limited to new types of digital currencies (bitcoin, etc.). It is also about other types of “currency” (e.g. merit badges, reputation, rewards, etc.).

  • I can see the time when resumes will become obsolete and job interviews will be done in 1 hour because of greater visibility (everything you have done is recognized by some sort of peer currency – from your job related projects, to your hobby projects, education, etc.).
  • I can see the time when you wear google glasses or something similar to it, and by looking at people walking on the street you can see their compatibility factor with you or their “overall life rating” (aka. a “good guy” or a “bad guy”).
  • On a more traditional front, digital money can and should decrease commissions charged by electronic payment providers and we will see reinvestment of that 1 to 5% of the capital into the innovation

The future is bright, and I am an optimist. If you are not, I suggest you read this book: “The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves“.

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