Reblog: Price/Performance Of Bare-Metal vs. Virtualized Servers in the Cloud

The IBM Competitive Project Office has published a couple of articles comparing IBM SoftLayer and Amazon AWS clouds price / performance. Three different configurations were compared: (1) SoftLayer bare metal vs. (2) SoftLayer virtualized vs. (3) Amazon AWS virtualized. The performance differentials between the similarly sized SoftLayer bare-metal configuration and the AWS virtualized configuration were as follows:

  • The SoftLayer solution was able to process a maximum of 19,453 requests per second, versus a maximum of 7,329 requests per second for the AWS solution.
  • The SoftLayer solution was 45% lower in price than the AWS solution, based on a three-year total cost of acquisition.
  • The SoftLayer solution was 2.6 times faster than the AWS solution for the compared systems.
  • The SoftLayer solution delivered 4.8x better price performance than the AWS solution.

Read the full text of these articles here:

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