Forrester Research discusses its new Total Economic Impact study for WMQ vs. Open Source

Forrester Research recently conducted a study and built TEI model comparing WebSphere MQ and Open Source messaging products. The study is based on interviews with four companies:

  • An APAC based financial institution with 12,000 employees and > 1 Bn US in revenues.
  • A global organization focusing on information and communication technology. The company employs 8,500 workers throughout the globe and is using IBM MQ for transactional processing.
  • A US based healthcare company, with about 40 employees. The company has about 15 users of IBM MQ.
  • A US based global manufacturer of consumer packaged goods. It has 500,000 employees worldwide, and is using IBM MQ for internal transactional processing.\

Based on these four companies, Forrester Research created a composite model and calculated financial benefits:


To learn more about this study and listen to the webcast by Jan ten Sythoff, Forrester Research Consultant, please visit this replay page.

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