IBM Integration Bus video resources – showcasing IIB uniqueness

I am a firm believer of the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words”, especially when it comes to technology and software. However, an even more powerful way of showing the capabilities, features and characteristics of a software product is a short video. IBM has channels on Youtube that provide this type of video information in an organized and concise manner. Here’s a list of my favorite top three IBM channels:

IIB, IBM’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has been around since 1998 and it is a feature-rich, very robust, stable and mature product. Other commercial vendors, such as TIBCO and Oracle, also offer their own ESB products but IIB has capabilities that set it apart from the competition. Among its differentiating features are a free-of-charge Developer’s Edition, ease-of-use, pattern-based development, industry packs, message flow statistics, hypervisor edition, record-and-replay, and many other features. If you want to learn more about these features, you can click on the following direct links:

  • IBM offers a free-of-charge version of IIB called “IIB Developer’s Edition”, which is a fully-functional version of the product. This will lead to significant cost savings since there is no license cost for each of your developers. Some of our competitors either charge for development licenses (also called non-production licenses) and/or waive the development license charge until you go into production (once you go into production you have to pay for the development licenses). With IBM you will never have to pay for a development license when using “IIB Developer’s Edition”. Here’s a short video on how to download and unpack it:
  •  IIB ease-of-use translates into faster development times, low learning curve (if you are new to IIB) which will make your developers more productive. If this is your first time using IIB, then this video shows how easy it is to create your first integration:
  • Pattern-based development is a capability that our competitors do not offer and it is a powerful feature that IIB has. The patterns that come with IIB are based on over 15 years of this product’s market exposure as well as on best practices. A pattern will permit a developer to start from a template as opposed to develop an entire solution from scratch, thus reducing implementation time. To learn more about “Pattern-based Development” in IIB, please check out this video:
  • Industry Packs are oriented to vertical software solutions, such as Retail, Healthcare, etc., and accelerate development by providing standards support, pre-built patterns, and protocol support for a specific industry. This simplifies and speeds up the integration of industry-specific applications and devices leading to faster times to market. This capability is something that IIB offers and most of our competitors do not. Here is a quick overview of the Retail Pack for IIB:
  • IIB rich metrics and statistics gathering capability for flows and their nodes allow for easy production troubleshooting and flow behavior analysis. Although, most of our competitors do offer some degree of ESB metrics and statistics, IIB does provide this to a very granular level which helps you to successfully resolve production problems as well as find areas of optimization within the mediation flows. By leveraging this capability, not only will you be able to shorten un-scheduled downtimes (which can cost your business a lot of money) but also identify and preempt potential production problems. The following video demonstrates message flow statistics in the web user interface:
  • And if you have a virtualized environment or a private cloud, you can leverage IIB Hypervisor Edition, which provides rapid provisioning of IIB environments to private clouds. You can quickly provision development, testing, or integration testing environments using IIB Hypervisor Edition. This video shows how easy it is to install and use it:

There are many ESBs in the market and it may be difficult to differentiate among them. In this blog post, I have listed some of the features that make IIB unique and set it apart from the rest of the pack.

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