Migration No Brainer

When I was young I used to hate horror movies, still do in fact, but a while ago I re-watched Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. And much to my surprise it wasn’t much of a horror at all, because I knew they made it our of that house ok. Knowing how things end up really eases any anxiety or concerns that you originally have when you start.

Now I lead our Competitive Intelligence team with IBM software, and think a lot about helping customers see the outcome of a transition or migration to our WebSphere technology.  I know that a customer will feel a lot better about their decision if we can provide insights and guidance of how the transition will unfold and how things will end up.

This is one of the reasons the WebSphere business leaders decided to invest in building expertise to help… to overcome and minimize the business risks with a potential migration horror.   I’ve always said there are three main decision criteria which have to be answered prior to any technology change.  The first is superiority of value, followed by an easily quantifiable financial advantage, and finally there needs to be tools and expertise that have made similar technology migrations or transitions in the past.

Approaching technology migrations is a science, and must include best practices, proven approaches and known ‘gotcha’s’ that must be avoided. It surprises me that very few vendors – none that I am aware of actually – provide any level of migration expertise to accomplish this third goal.  Although the team started with a limited J2EE focus their experience and on site tool development has now opened the door to migrate almost anything to WebSphere.  Many many successful examples can be sited across Finance, Banking, Manufacturing, Government, Airlines, Transportation, Local Governments and multiple Service providers.

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