Updates to the license model for WebSphere App Server

Today IBM has announced two important updates to the WebSphere Application Server licensing:

  1. New One Year Term License for all editions of WAS
  2. Removed restriction to the clustering for WAS Liberty Core, WAS Express and WAS Base

1. One year Term License

What this means is that you can now buy limited term licenses of WAS for one year. This applies to all editions of WAS (see table below). The cost of a one year license includes support and is less than half of the perpetual license. If you have a short term project – you now can reduce your costs dramatically. I also updated pricing information in my earlier post to reflect these changes: “Software costs“. If you look at that post, I had this table with a summary of license choices for WAS:

As you can see, you can buy term licenses for 1 day, 1 year or 1 hour. The 1 year option is what was announced today. All other options were already available for a long time.

2. Removal of clustering restriction

The second news is also great. It used to be that IBM allowed clustering of up to 2 WAS Express JVMs and up to 5 WAS Base JVMs. Now you can cluster an unlimited number of JVMs for WAS Liberty Core, WAS Express and WAS Base. Of course WAS ND never had any clustering restrictions. This clustering is for HTTPSession failover and HTTP server load balancing. This allows one to merge HTTP server plugin configurations using the automatic tool (so you won’t have to edit the XML config file by hand) and provides for workload management (WLM) across many instances of WAS. This clustering is different from what you can do in WAS ND since it is limited to HTTPSession replication and WLM for only HTTP traffic.

Overall this makes various editions of WebSphere App Server even more cost competitive against its competitors. Once again, see my earlier blog post on the subject of license and support costs as well as TCO: “Software costs“.

Read full IBM announcement here: http://ibm.co/16EcGDr

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