WebSphere Liberty Profile 8.5.5 demo

Back in June 2013 IBM has shipped an update to the WebSphere Application Server and along with it new Liberty Profile. I am very impressed with the small footprint of the product and the incredible speed of its startup and deployment time. Today I recorded this simple demo and you can see on my ThinkPad W530 laptop it takes less than a second to start and stop Liberty. Granted, this is very simple demo and a smallest HelloWorld app deployed on it, but nevertheless it is very impressive! In this demo you can see the following:

  • Install new Liberty Profile from within Eclipse Juno (only 64 MB disk footprint);
  • Create / start/stop new Liberty test server in Eclipse (only 110MB RAM footprint by default, but could be less);
  • Create simple Web Project and servlet using Eclipse wizards (takes about 1 minute);
  • Deploy and test/recompile/redeploy test app to Liberty (takes 0.2 seconds);
  • Edit Liberty server.xml configuration file to add and remove features (with code assist and QuickFix);
  • Liberty directory structure overview;
  • Additional resources – blogs and demos on http://wasdev.net;
  • Total demo time is <15 min.

One thing I forgot to show in the demo is the installation of the IBM WebSphere Developer Tools (Eclipse plugin). To add WDT to your Eclipse, simply start your version of Eclipse, go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> type “WebSphere” -> click “Go”. When you get search results, scroll down to the “WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Liberty Profile Developer Tools and click “Install”. Restart your Eclipse. That’s all.

Here is the demo (make sure to click on *HD* to view in good resolution):


If you have a problem watching the video above, try this alternative link (right from my Dropbox folder).

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