Beta version of WAS Liberty Profile supports EJB Lite, JMS, CDI and much more

A couple of weeks ago IBM released a beta of IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile. This is exciting news and brings a robust set of new features. Highlights of this beta update include:

  • Complete support for the Java EE Web Profile, including CDI and EJB Lite, JSP, Servlet, etc.
  • Support for JMS, MDB, JAX-WS web services and MongoDB
  • New Liberty server based administration infrastructure (including multi-server environments)
  • Admin UI and new capabilities for monitoring and log viewing
  • Improved performance
  • Security enhancements, such as encryption of passwords in server configuration, etc.
  • Support for custom user registries
  • Ability for third parties to add Liberty features through a new System Programming Interface
  • New High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) for Liberty servers
  • Developer tools: updated Liberty support, including Web Services, updated Maven integration, and new Health Center integration

A full list of changes can be found on the New and Noteworthy page of the site.

What I like about Liberty is that the server is so dynamic and lightweight, yet it has significant additional features that you wont find in other lightweight servers (Tomcat or VMware tc Server). Things like JMS, EJB Lite, MDB, JPA, web services, etc. And not only that, but also the ability to do profiling of the server, etc. See examples of such advanced tooling at the link above.

The other nice thing is that Liberty now has clustering and ability to manage multiple servers. All of this without the heavy add-ons, such as full RDBMS and Hyperic required by JBoss JON or tc Server. It is interesting that tc Server download size is 19 MB, yet the admin “console”, which is vFabric Hyperic is 418 MB download and is such a drag to install. Ever worse, in full production you would need to buy licenses of Oracle DB or Postgres to keep all of your admin data. None of those extra megabytes nor costs with Liberty!

I will post detailed comparison of capabilities of Liberty and JBoss and tc Server in near future.

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