Why Canadian D+H has moved from Oracle Fusion Middleware to IBM?

“So, while it took us a year to do the development on Oracle Fusion, we were up and running both development and a production service on the DataPower appliance within four months, shockingly fast.” – Paul Lewis, Vice President of Technology, Architecture and Security, D+H.

Davis + Henderson Corporation (D+H) has been a trusted partner to the financial services industry for over 130 years. Today, D+H offers a broad range of technology and technology-based solutions to financial institutions across North America, including commercial and mortgage lending technology, student lending services, collateral registration and recovery services, and payments solutions. Headquartered in Toronto, D+H employs approximately 4,500 people.

In 2010 and 2011 D+H was trying to build a new SOA platform using Oracle Fusion Middleware and Sun GlassFish, but it proved to be exceedingly difficult and after performing several POCs, D+H decided to switch to IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DataPower appliances and the IBM DB2 database.

In addition to reducing their costs, D+H has seen 20 to 40 percent performance increases and can now deploy new workloads in hours versus the five days required in the past.


Read complete case study:

“D+H consolidates its IT environment for improved growth and efficiency”.

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