Webcast – 13 reasons to migrate from Oracle WebLogic to IBM WebSphere

This webcast was recorded on November 7, 2012.

Back in June I hosted a webcast titled “Save money with IBM WebSphere over Oracle WebLogic”. Since that time, IBM has published  new SPECjEnterprise2010 world-record EjOPS/core result, shipped new version of WAS 8.5, shipped production version of the IBM PureApplication System, shipped new version of WebSphere eXtreme Scale and most importantly, migrated a whole bunch of customers from WebLogic to WebSphere. As a matter of fact, back in July, Branham Group published a new white paper describing experience of several companies that moved from Oracle middleware to IBM.

Given all these recent events, I decided to refresh the webcast that was done back in June. The topics I will cover in the webcast  include product mapping of IBM and Oracle, pricing and licensing for virtualized and native environments, product packaging, Gartner report on middleware market share comparison of IBM and Oracle, customer examples of migrations from WebLogic to WebSphere, IBM migration toolkit, new WAS v8.5 capabilities and technical advantages over WebLogic Server 12c, performance comparison of WAS and WLS, including SPECjEnterprise2010 results.

You are invited to join me and learn about 13 reasons why so many companies are migrating from WebLogic Server to WebSphere Application server. Here is the webcast registration link.

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