Red Hat makes a switch: SwitchYard project to replace JBoss ESB

Today I saw an interesting article: Red Hat makes a switch: SwitchYard project to replace JBoss ESB.

Everybody knows that JBoss ESB is already dead and probably was never alive anyway, but I am quite confused about the roadmap for the future Red Hat ESB offering (and so must be Red Hat customers). I know Red Hat was working on the project SwitchYard for quite some time now, but little they knew that Progress will decide to get out of the middleware business and Red Hat will end up buying FuseSource. See, the main business of FuseSource is ESB. In my opinion all this SwitchYard business is going to be eventually thrown away since Red Hat now has FuseSource, therefore the article above is wrong, but we will have to wait and see. The acquisition of FuseSource and its impact on JBoss business has not been understood by community yet.

In summary, today Red Hat has three different ESB products:

– Old JBoss ESB (going away)
– New Red Hat SwitchYard ESB (beta)
– FuseSource ESB (Apache ServiceMix and Camel based)

All three of these software ESBs are different and Red Hat needs to provide more clarity around the roadmap to avoid confusion. If I was starting new integration project, which one would I use? Well, I guess for now I will stick with IBM WebSphere Message Broker for my projects (I work for IBM anyway).

Since I mentioned Message Broker, I am now running performance tests of the WMB and Oracle Service Bus with very good results so far and will publish my findings and step by step instructions on how to install, configure and run those tests on this blog.

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  1. You are right, I think Red Hat could make things more clear, like update index page of those project to give the right expectation for the users/developers. ABout roadmap, as you said, JBoss ESB is not an option for new projects that want to move to SOA. So the choice is between OSGi (using Fuse software) or SCA (using Switchyard).


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