WebSphere Application Server V8.5 is now generally available

IBM has shipped GA version of the WAS 8.5 this week. Walt Noffsinger is WAS product manager and he describes main new capabilities of this release in his post on WebSphereUserGroup.org blog. I have previously covered key features of this new WAS 8.5 release in my WAS vs. WLS webcast two weeks ago: here is the replay. My favorite new features are listed below – in the order of priority. This is not a complete list of new features, just my top 10 list:

  1. Dramatically faster performance compared to WAS v8.0 and especially compared to other competitors
  2. New Liberty profile that is 50MB small and is so resource efficient that it can run on $35 Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer (www.raspberrypi.org).
  3. Dynamic clustering (from former WVE)
  4. On Demand Router with all of its SLA management, throttling and smart routing capabilities (from former WVE)
  5. Application edition management (from former WVE)
  6. Health management (from former WVE)
  7. Improved Web 2.0 and Mobile Feature pack
  8. Improved OSGi support
  9. Improved batch capability (from former WVE)
  10. Pluggable JDK
  11. Did I mention Liberty profile?

There are many other improvements in this new release. I have been with IBM since 1999 and with WebSphere brand since the beginning and this release 8.5 is surely one of the major milestones for the product, if not THE biggest step forward so far.

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