WebSphere Migration Workshop

This article is written by Frank Golazeski, member of the IBM WebSphere Competitive Migrations Team.

One thing is to recognize the business need for a change, and another is to have the guts to do it. Even after the CIO recognizes the business sense in the migration effort, the rest of the IT team needs to be brought on board. Server administrators and application developers want to feel comfortable about the new environment. The “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” folks will likewise need information before they buy in.

This is where the IBM Migration Workshop can help.

IBM has migrated hundreds of Oracle customers from WebLogic to WebSphere — with minimal disruption to their business. We’ve taken that experience and have packaged it into a free one, two, or three day class room experience that’s designed to ease the fear– both technical and emotional — that might hinder a migration. The workshop covers:

  • An overview of WebSphere Application Server v8.0 – its features, benefits and advanced capabilities and how it compares with Oracle’s WebLogic Application Server.
  • Migration guidelines – how to get your applications from WLS to WAS (also well documented in this free IBM Redbook).
  • Hands-on training – test fly WebSphere installations, customization, and app migration using the free IBM Migration Toolkit. Learn shared experiences, tips to use, and traps to avoid.

This workshop is ideal for business analysts, architects, developers, project managers, and decision makers. Its three flavors are meant to meet the needs of companies who are at various places on the migration decision spectrum:

  • The “Thinking about migrating” crowd or “Simply want to learn more” crowd
    There’s a one or two day session to help get decision makers and technical people informed in what WAS provides and how the migration can work. The one day session is shorter and more high level. The two day session allows for much more detail and broader areas of learning to help ensure everyone is armed with the knowledge they need.
  • The “Made the decision to migrate crowd
    The private three day session is the right fit. It’s a one on one workshop (i.e. IBM and you.) Beyond what’s covered in the two day session, the technical team is also taken through deep dive into the application migration methodology. The steps, traps, and tips are covered in a deep level with hands on lab work.

The two day version of the workshop was recently held in Toronto for several customers. What did they think?
“Very useful workshop which will be helpful in our coming WLS -> WAS migration”
“After completing this event, we have confidence in establishing a migration plan and completing it successfully.”

A major Bank is moving their online presence from WLS to WAS, so a three day immersion workshop experience has been set up for early March between IBM experts and thirty members of their development and server support teams.

The workshop is new and is being held worldwide. Any enterprise who is interested in attending, can contact their local IBM representative to get one scheduled locally.

For more information about the reasons to move from Oracle WLS to WebSphere read this article: How To Cut Your WebLogic License and Maintenance Costs in Half.

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