Oracle Service Bus review by Oracle customer

I always thought Australians have a good sense of humor and this article is just another proof for it. This is a must read for anyone evaluating Oracle Service Bus – published little over a year ago, but the latest version of OSB has not changed much and most of the experience described in the article can be had now if one so desires:

QUOTE from the blog:
“…Ever heard the joke about regular expressions: Once upon a time a programmer had a problem. He decided to solve it using Regular Expressions. Then he had two problems. Welcome to my world (with an OSB flavour) :-). I’ll try and capture a few thoughts and experiences below. It is very rare that I react so strongly against a technology… Can’t really think of another example. I’m usually pretty gung-ho and even suffer from odd breakouts of evangelical fervour. I can even find a place for UML in the nerd-ish pantheon 🙂 For this product all bets are off. I’m struggling to find a silver lining in the cloud…

… OSB has an “everything is XML” approach (OK I acknowledge that it’s slowly divesting itself of this, but there’s a way to go yet before the alternatives are anything approaching useable). I like XML as much as the next guy, probably more; it’s a great interchange format, but requiring it for all internal channels as well is a bit much: one ends up touching the in-flight data (translating/extracting/recomposing) too many times…

…an OSB proxy created to service a JCA adaptor is extremely fragile: changes to a database table requires a regeneration of the adapter files (or more like a recreation from scratch…manual click, click, clickety, click). Any slight change to an adapter forces a regeneration of the associated OSB proxy…which blows away any business logic (== pretty drawing) associated with the message flow. One is then forced to recreate the flow from scratch by hand (more manual click, click, clickety, click). Ghastly. Tedious. Error prone. Nonsense. It’s in the nature of the systems integration task that changes happen often. One gets tired of (re)drawing OSB’s pretty pictures very quickly, let me testify…” END QUOTE.

Read full article on Transentia Blog: The Emperor’s New Service Bus.

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