Automating tasks of WAS and JBoss EAP management with scripts and GUI (demos)

My last post discussed the cluster management and application deployment capabilities of WAS and JBoss EAP. In this demo I would like to explore some other areas of the application server management. Administration of JBoss EAP requires significant amount of manual editing of XML files or hand writing shell scripts to generate and update those XML files on all machines involved in deployment. WAS automates these kinds of tasks and provides flexible “wsadmin” automation tool with “command assist”. Even inexperienced WAS administrators can use the GUI and WAS “command assist” feature will record and then replay those commands using Jython. WAS administrators can also use Eclipse plugin to develop and debug wsadmin Jython scripts. Quoting my previous article, I still think that “… on the scale of 0 (worst) to 10 (best), I would rate JBoss JON at level “3” (almost useless) for JBoss management and “7” for JBoss monitoring. From my experience, 90% of JBoss customers are not using JBoss clustering and 80% of customers are not using JON…”

Note: Make sure to watch the demo in “HD” to be able to see details of the recording.

Demo 1: WAS and JBoss EAP scripted administration demo


I also recorded a general overview and comparison of the administrative tools provided by WebSphere Application Server and JBoss EAP. I was asked many times: “I was told by *somebody* that JON can do everything that WAS Admin GUI can. Is that right?”. Well, after watching this demo you will know the right answer to this easy question.

Demo 2: Comparison of the WAS and JBoss JON admin consoles and tools

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